Athlone, Co. Westmeath

Quantity of trees planted: 2,620 trees
Site Size: 11,528 sq. ft
Date Planted: 22nd March 2024
Site Owner: IDA Ireland
Sponsor: Uniphar


We would like to acknowledge IDA Ireland and in particular to Sarah O’Connell and Bryan Tully for taking a carpark in the middle of one of their estates and turning it into a perfect site for planting trees. It is a reflection on their commitment to making Ireland greener that they put in this work and it is a credit to them for making such an effort to support The 100 Million Trees Project. To Ryan Gannon for organising the PR for the event along with Alison Nulty for filming the event along with Martin and Frankie from Bailey & Blake Film Productions.

To all the tree planters who took part in this community event – thank you. To Sarah O’Connell, Mary Norton, Mary Ryan, Turlough McCormack, Stephanie Niland, Saffron O’Sullivan, Neil Dolan, Claire McGovern, Maureen Timlin, Richard Wykes, Philippa Barry, Pamela Gilmartin, Eoin Cronin, Lucinda Hewitt, Brid Somers, Denise McNamara, Emma Murphy, John Murray, Bryan Tully, Marie Fergus, Ken Whitelaw, John Nugent, Lynn Whyte, Carole Greene, Aoife Flanagan, Jennifer Hussey, Linda Corbett, Paul Gavin, Tina Spollen, Brendan Fay, Ryan Gannon, Alison Nulty, David Mulligan, Darren Loughrey, Vanessa Kiernan and John Jephson along with the tree planters from Forestry Services Limited., Thank you to Uniphar Group for sponsoring this site.

Trees Planted

The following is a list of the 2,620 trees planted at this site.

Scots Pine
Birch Pendula
Malus Sylvestris
Prunus Avium
Prunus Padus
Sorbus Aria
Sorbus Acuparia
Cratageus Monogyna
Prunus Spinosa
Viburnum Opulus
Rosa Canina


Additional Information

IDA Ireland (Irish: An Ghníomhaireacht Forbartha Tionscail) is the agency responsible for the attraction and retention of inward foreign direct investment (FDI) into Ireland. The agency was founded in 1949 as the Industrial Development Authority and placed on a statutory footing a year later. In 1969 it became a non-commercial autonomous state-sponsored body. Today it is a semi-state body that plays an important role in Ireland's relationship with foreign investors, with multinationals accounting for 10.2% of employment and 66% of Irish exports. The agency partners with investors to help them to begin or expand their operations in the Irish market. It provides funding support to research and development projects, and has a number of direct support mechanisms, including employment and training grants.

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Site Details

Athlone, Co. Westmeath




Athlone, Co. Westmeath


IDA Ireland


22nd March 2024

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