Ballyfad Wood,

Site Location: Ballyfad Wood, Coolgreany, County Wexford
Quantity of trees planted: 1,000
Date planted: 23rd January 2023
Site Owner: Coillte
Sponsor: Des Walsh


We would like to acknowledge the Coillte who have made an area of their land available for this Miyawaki mini forest. We also acknowledge Liam Stafford of Wexford County Manager of Coillte for organising the preparation of the site for planting. For the tree planters we thank Catriona Taylor, Laura Finn, Peter O’Sullivan, Sean O’Sullivan, Lisa Mulcahy, Anne Berney, Dave Pearson, Molly O’Dwyer, Martin Hempenstall, Barbara Mulcahy, Andrew Rankin and Maisie the German Shephard.

Trees planted

The following is a list of the 1,000 trees planted at this site.
Scots Pine
Birch Pendula
Malus Sylvestris
Prunus Avium
Prunus Padus
Sorbus Aria
Sorbus Acuparia
Crataegus Monogyna
Prunus Spinosa
Ilex Holly
Viburnum Opulus
Rosa Canina

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Site Details

The Ballyfad Walk is set in over 200 acres of mature woodland near Coolgreany, Co. Wexford which is an example of an old woodland site that is shown in the original 1835 Ordnance Survey map. Such old woodland sites are relicts of the original vast forests that covered most of the country prior to the 16th century and are rich in biodiversity as they have never been fully clear-felled.

The woods at Ballyfad were acquired by the government from the Brooke Estate in 1904 at a cost of over £3,000.

The trailhead sign shows details of 4 trails of varying length and many fine examples of mature oak (1820), beech (1912), Norway spruce, Western hemlock, Douglas fir and Scots pine can be seen along the way. A special section of the Bluebell trail has been developed as a fairy walk especially for younger walkers.




Ballyfad Wood, Coolgreany, County Wexford




23rd January 2023

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