Festina Lente Mini Forest

Site Location: Festina Lente, Co. Wicklow
Quantity of trees planted: 7,600
Site Size: Three sites of 11,146 sq ft each
Date planted: 24th November 2023
Site Owner: Festina Lente


Festina Lente Enterprises is a not-for-profit organisation which provides a wide range of well-being programmes to people with a disability and /or affected by socio economic disadvantage through the medium of horses, horticulture and community.
Each year, Festina Lente provides approximately services to approximately 32,000 people either on site in its current center in Bray or through its mobile outreach service which brings the world of both horses and horticulture to hospitals, nursing homes and schools located in areas of disadvantage.

Festina Lente has recently purchased a new site in Kilpeddar, Co Wicklow. With full planning Permission secured it aims to start building what will be a National Education and Learning Center in August 2024. This stage of the art building will secure not only the continuation of its much-needed current services but will also allow for programme expansion and the development of new programmes in the areas of education, well-being day and residential programmes and best practice for both horse welfare and land management.

In November this year, we were delighted to work with David and Richard Mulcahy who have spearheaded the hundred million tree project in the planting of 8,000 native trees. The day could not have been brighter, drier or colder! but all the volunteers and planting team executed this project amazingly well. The day finished with a much appreciate barbecue and snacks.
This day represents a significant event for Festina Lente and ties in with its three key pillars – Good for People, Good for Horses and Good for the Land.

The tree planters were Finbar Cahill, Brian Cooney, Darren Murphy, Daniel Murphy, Ruairdhí O’Sullivan, Glen Kelly, Justin Hannigan, Lurene Fitzpatrick, Paddy Healy, James McCaffery, Clodagh Carey, John Green, Jim Goodall, Adam Farrelly, Gianluca Stroppi, Sam Noonan, Chris Dease, Chris King, Eamon Clifford, James Gonzales, Jamie Nolan, Jonathan Kilpatrick, Richard Dwyer Joyce and his parents, Marian O’Malley, Hannah Morgan, Roddy Lyons, Una Hogan and her mum along with the professional tree planters from Forestry Services Ltd.

Trees Planted

The following is a list of the 7,600 trees planted at this site.

Scots Pine
Birch Pendula
Malus Sylvestris
Prunus Avium
Prunus Padus
Sorbus Aria
Sorbus Acuparia
Cratageus Monogyna
Prunus Spinosa
Ilex Holly
Viburnum Opulus
Rosa Canina


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bray, co. wicklow


Festina Lente


24th November 2023

For more information, or if you can help to make our 100 Million Trees Project a success, please email us below