Glenstal Abbey

Site Location: Glenstal Abbey, Murroe, County Limerick
Quantity of trees planted: 2,500
Site Size: 11,000 sq ft each
Date planted: 5th January 2024
Site Owner: Benedictine Monks


We would like to acknowledge Abbot Brendan Coffey OSB and the Benedictine Monks at Glenstal Abbey for preparing a magnificent site for the 100 Million Trees Project. Also thanks to the Uniphar Group for sponsoring this site and Martin Blake of Bailey Blake Productions for producing the video of the day.

The volunteers to plant the trees were Louise Hederman, Pru Rudd, Olga Fitzpatrick and Uniphar volunteers Keristena Grewan, David Culligan and Alan Malone, the team from Irish Forestry Services and Maisie the dog.

Trees Planted

The following is a list of the 2,500 trees planted at this site.

Scots Pine
Birch Pendula
Malus Sylvestris
Prunus Avium
Prunus Padus
Sorbus Aria
Sorbus Acuparia
Cratageus Monogyna
Prunus Spinosa
Viburnum Opulus
Rosa Canina


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Site Details

Glenstal Abbey is a Catholic Benedictine monastery of the Congregation of the Annunciation located in Murroe, County Limerick, Ireland. It is dedicated to Saint Joseph and Saint Columba.

The abbey is located in and beside Glenstal Castle, a Normanesque castle. The house was built for Sir Matthew Barrington, who, in 1818, purchased part of Lord Carbery’s Limerick estate. Designed as a castle in 12th century style, it was built in the 1830s.[2] The village of Glenstal grew from the construction of the abbey. Many of the builders and craftsmen who came to construct the Abbey ended up settling in the area.




County Limerick


Benedictine Monks


5th January 2024

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