Site Offer Terms & Conditions

The 100 Million Trees Project (100MTP) is a Not for Profit Initiative founded by Richard and David Mulcahy. 

The purpose of the 100 Million Trees project is to plant 14 species of native trees together in what are called ‘mini forests’ of up to 2,500 trees. These trees are provided free of charge to people who make their land available and are willing to commit to leaving the trees for future generations to enjoy. 

Along with supplying the trees, our professional planters, Irish Forestry Services, will come along and plant the trees free of charge. You may wish to have other volunteers on the day as well but that is up to you.

  • All trees given to each site are paid for by a sponsor and are for the purpose of creating an area of biodiversity and for carbon sequestration. Once these trees are delivered to site they become the sole responsibility of the site owner from then on.

  • No trees should be planted under or over electric cables, on top of pipes or within 20 metres of any habitable structure. It is solely the responsibility of the site owner to ensure the site location is safe for planting trees.

  • The owner of the site acknowledges that it will be their sole responsibility for the health and safety of any volunteer or member of the 100MTP that is invited on to the owner’s site. All independent contractors will be covered by their own insurance.

  • The site owner will be responsible for the proper preparation of the land at least one week in advance of the confirmed planting date. This work will be done at their cost. The preparation should be carried out as per the video on the 100MTP website entitled “How to prepare ground for planting”. In the event that the planting team deem that the land is not prepared properly then they have no obligation to plant the trees either then or at a later stage.

  • It is the sole responsibility of the site owner to care for and maintain the trees once they are planted and to pledge that the trees will not be cut down while they or their family are owners of the site.

  • If there is a risk of damage to the trees by either animals or humans, it is the responsibility of the owner to protect the trees by fencing them off at their cost.

  • The owner of the site is asked to display a small sign provided by the 100MTP to show the name of the project and the sponsor of the project at that time. This sign should be positioned beside the plantation.