Min Ryan Park, Co. Wexford

Site Location: County Wexford
Site Size: 2,200 sq. ft
Quantity of trees planted: 500
Date planted: 19th April 2023
Site Owner: Wexford County Council
Sponsor: Des Walsh


“We would like to acknowledge Wexford County Council for their unwavering support for this project along with key Council staff, Gerry Forde and Cliona Connolly who were the driving force in finding suitable sites and arranging the preparation of the land for planting.

The tree planters were Tina Mulcahy, Edmond Perrier, Anne Berney, David Mulcahy, Richard Mulcahy, Martin Hempenstall, Brendan Byrne, Cliona Connolly, Martin Blake, Sarah Doyle, Alex Doyle, Harry the mutt and Maisie the German Shepherd”.

Trees planted

The following is a list of the 500 trees planted at this site.
Scots Pine
Birch Pendula
Malus Sylvestris
Prunus Avium
Prunus Padus
Sorbus Aria
Sorbus Acuparia
Cratageus Monogyna
Prunus Spinosa
Ilex Holly
Viburnum Opulus
Rosa Canina

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Site Details

The Min Ryan Park in Wexford town, provides a high quality and attractive open public space which is accessible to all. The Park is named after historic figure Min Ryan from Tomcoole in Barntown, who played a huge role in Ireland’s development in revolutionary years.

Min Ryan served in the G.P.O. and Jacob’s factory during the 1916 Rising. A donation of €200,000 towards the cost of the park was made by her grandson Richard Mulcahy and his family.

The Park boasts an array of attractive features, including a playground, picnic area, dog park, memorial garden, walking track, water features, multi-use events area, skate park and play spaces.

The Park also includes a series of rich, biodiverse eco-systems such as a wetland area, wild flower meadows and native woodland habitats. 500 native tree saplings were planted on 19th April as part of the 100 Million Trees Project.




co. wexford


Wexford County Council


19th April 2023

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